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NZ's right wing government continues rampage against environment

The National / Maori / Act Party government has apparently been continuing its trend towards environment destroying policies.

According to Russel Norman of the Green Party, the government plans to drop funding for recycling bins in public places. This policy comes on the tail of a litany of eco-unfriendly policies announced since the new government came into power late last year.

Putting ads on my site

I got a letter from Google today with the pin used to verify my address (it took about a month to arrive) for the Google AdSense program (I had previously had ads on the earlier version of the AMXL, but Google started sending public service advertisements only because it had been too long without the address being confirmed).

This raises questions about whether I should have adverts on this site. This site is not intended to be a profit-making endeavour, and putting on Google ads also means that Google can track people. On the other hand, if it gets linked to from a high-traffic site, it would be good to recoup the bandwidth costs.

As a compromise, I have made it so it is easy for people who don't want to see ads to turn them off completely. In this article I discuss how I did this using Drupal.

Middle East troubles again

I'm sure many readers will have experienced the feeling of coming back from a break and feeling disconnected from the world because you haven't been following the news. That's exactly how I felt after coming back from a brief trip away from home. One of the first things I did when I got back was to refresh my RSS feeds and see what had been going on around the world. The single most alarming news item upon getting back was about the escalating violence between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza strip.`

Applying the objectives for existence

I recently wrote the page about my objectives for existence. In this post I discuss what the personal implications of this are.

Drupal Setup

I now seem to have got Drupal working for my site. I am putting this post with some details of the more complex stuff up to help others set up the site (and also as a test post)!

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